To put it simply, we make super comfy, high quality activewear that doesn't harm our planet. In fact, we're actually doing good for the planet.
Our activewear is created using recycled plastic bottles and other plastic waste which is found in our oceans and landfill. These bottles are cleaned, melted down and spun into lush fibres which our soft, buttery fabric is made from.
Our designs are timeless so you can say goodbye to the fast fashion industry and hello to long lasting activewear that is always on trend
We are so proud of what we have created and can't wait for you to join the movement.
Thankyou for your support x


Now more than ever, we are starting to understand the damage that humanity is causing to our planet. In Australia alone, we consume 3.5m tonnes of plastic annually, of which 130,000 tonnes leaks into the marine environment.
This represents 5kg of plastic (equivalent to 250 x 600ml plastic coke bottles) entering the ocean per person each year - more than 3X the global average.

It’s time to act.

Each time you purchase an item of JRSY activewear, you are doing your part to eliminate pollution and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

 Tights = 18 x recycled plastic bottles
Shorts = 13 x recycled plastic bottles
Bras = 12 x recycled plastic bottles
*bottles vary depending on sizing.


Every little bit counts.
We don't stop at your activewear. Your goodies will also be packaged in 100% sustainable packaging and mailed in a compostable mailer - lucky worms!
Our hang tags have been made with recycled cardboard and the little thankyou note inside your bag is also made from recycled materials.
We are always looking for additional ways that we can promote a sustainable future. For any suggestions, please email us at 
"The one thing we all have to do is simply not to waste. Don't waste power. Live within our means without inflicting damage on our planet.
 - Sir David Attenborough