Why You Should Invest In JRSY Sports Tights

Still searching for your dream pair of tights? Something that shapes your body, is squat-proof and doesn’t roll down? Consider your search over.


JRSY’s comfy, sustainable and squat-proof tights are your perfect workout companion and offer impeccable durability, flexibility, and comfort. Our sports leggings are premium activewear tights that feel buttery smooth on your skin and have thick, high-waist bands that will keep your legs flexible during your workout.


We offer three vibrant colour selections for you to choose from - High Rise Pocket Tights Navy, High Rise Pocket Tights Black, and High Rise Pocket Tights Sienna Red. These are the perfect workout gear for your morning run, gym workout, or home exercise sesh. Our collection of high-rise pocket tights is 7/8 in length and is made of 79% RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) and 21% Spandex.


Simply. with JRSY you get breathable, comfortable, and insanely cute workout leggings!


Designed with sustainable fabrics, our women’s gym tights and sports leggings have a breathable, four-way stretch that improves muscle oxygenation and blood flow. Higher oxygen levels in your body will boost your energy and power in your daily workout and reduce muscle soreness.


JRSY’s high-rise leggings will keep you comfortable no matter what your exercise regime is. We are well known for our superior quality, well-fitted and comfortable workout tights.


Our squat-proof and high-waisted pocket tights come in various colours, fits, and textures to suit your needs. During your workout, the body fitting design of the tights allows less friction than traditional athletic activewear.


Do not worry about your valuables while you jam to those workout moves! Our five-star tights have discrete pockets that’ll come to your rescue.


You will have complete freedom of movement during your workout so that you can focus on your workout without the hassle of worrying about improper fitting.


Our sports leggings and running tights sit close to your skin and are super lightweight - they’re like your second skin! This translates into minimal slipping and maximum breathability. Our tights and leggings will keep you dry during your workout as the material will quickly absorb any moisture and sweat during the workout.


Your legs will thank you for it. Trust JRSY on this!


Gone are those days when you had to wear those boring pairs of leggings or tights to the gym. We understand that your gym leggings should also be a style statement that motivates you to work out. Pair it perfectly with one of our women’s sports bras and completed with our JRSY Sports Cap.



Our gym tights will add to your gym personality and will add the “Wow” factor to your fashion statement. JRSY offers you an awe-inspiring style quotient and fantastic performance - all in one.


Our sports leggings will empower you to work out harder and build your gym physique. We realize that it is every gym person’s dream to achieve those promising results. And you can also do your part to help the Earth - every legging is made from 18 recycled plastic bottles.


Shop from our wide range of women’s sports tights and leggings and say hello to a whole new level of comfort.

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