Which Shorts Are Best For Running

 Running is an extremely popular method of exercise and has a lot of physical and mental benefits. It’s a great way to clear your mind, boost your heart, bone and muscle strength and improve your cardiovascular function. Running can be extremely challenging but it also provides you with a huge endorphin rush when your run is complete – yes please! 

Running should be an enjoyable experience but it can often be interrupted with discomfort from wearing inappropriate running shoes or activewear that just isn’t quite right. There is nothing more frustrating than starting a run confident and strong and having it cut short due to sports tights or sports shorts riding up, rolling down or restricting your stride.

Shorts are a much-loved option for running attire due to the freedom they provide. A good pair of sport shorts can allow for an unrestricted stride and a cooler, more refreshing run.

Comfort is key when looking for your perfect running short. You want them to be tight enough to stay put without putting pressure around your waist or thighs. You’ll also often find that some women’s short shorts or long bike shorts can feel as though they’re falling mid-run and there is nothing more frustrating than having to stop your run to pull up your sports shorts. On the other side, if you buy short shorts that are too tight for you, you’ll have that digging in feeling that no one should have to experience. 

The fabric for your running sports shorts should be light and flexible. Look for words like four-way stretch or high-flex fabric. The thickness of your fabric also plays an important role in how much movement they will provide. Generally, the lighter your sports shorts are, the more flex they will give however, it’s important to check your shorts are squat proof before hitting the gym and showing the world what underwear you’re wearing.

Squat-proof women’s shorts are generally made with darker fabrics. If squat-proof is important for you, look for black or navy running shorts as they tend to keep things well hidden. Darker sports shorts are also much better at hiding sweat patches so they’re often the most popular.

 A high waist is always a winner. A good pair of high-waisted sports shorts hug your body in the right places. They should be soft around your stomach but snug enough to stay in place.

Shorts with a phone pocket or keys pocket is something that can be helpful when you’re out on a run and don’t want to carry your items in your hand. Make sure the pockets are snug and tight enough, so your items don’t bounce when you run.

 Different shorts lengths for running:

Short Shorts

Short shorts length can range from mid-thigh to just below the bottom. They provide a lot of freedom however, you may find they tend to ride up if they’re too short.

Mid-length short shorts are ideal as they provide you with freedom but also help to avoid any ride up.

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Long Bike Shorts 

Women’s long bike shorts have become quite popular over the last year. They provide more coverage than your regular short shorts but still provide the benefits and freedom of wearing shorts.

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There are so many things to consider when buying sports shorts for running but if you find a pair that are comfortable, have the right amount of coverage for you (and have pockets because we all need pockets) then you’ve found a great pair.

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