Which Gym Bra to Select For Your Workout

A comfortable sports bra is a woman’s most important workout companion. There’s nothing worse than needing to stop mid-run or squat jump to adjust yourself because you’re not wearing the right exercise bra. These days, there are so many options that it’s difficult to know which sports bra is right for you and your activity. 

We’ve put together an easy guide to selecting the right sports bra for your activity. 

High-Intensity Workouts (jumping, squatting, lunging, and running) 

When it comes to high-intensity workouts, having a medium-high impact sports bra is crucial to maintaining comfort and performance. High-impact sports bras should provide bounce control without making you feel restricted. 

Our suggestions:

  • Select a gym bra with thicker straps for extra support. Thick straps also assist in eliminating that uncomfortable digging into your shoulders during your exercise.
  • For those with a bigger bust, opt for a high neck women’s sports bra to reduce the bounce. Save the cute low-cut sports bra options for yoga or relaxing at home.
  • Find a bra with a thicker waistband. This will be more comfortable than thinner options and provide more under-bust support.
  • If you like padded bras, find one with molded cups to keep you comfortable and in place. If padding isn’t for you, make sure the sports bra is tights, compressive, and has a supportive, under-bust strap.

 Our JRSY Crossover sports bra has been designed for medium-impact and is the perfect companion to your running, jumping, or squatting workouts. With thick straps, molded cups, and a supportive thick under-band, it will make you feel supported through every movement without ever feeling restricted. 


Yoga, Pilates, or Stretching

Stretching-based movements don’t require as much bra support as higher intensity activities however, flexibility and comfort are vital. You don’t want to be in the middle of a peaceful downward dog thinking about how uncomfortable you are because you’re wearing the wrong exercise bra.

  • Soft, flexible fabric is key to bringing comfort to your yoga or pilates practice. Look for words like “four-way stretch”
  • If Bikram yoga is your thing, be sure to select a sports bra made from a fabric that is moisture-wicking
  • Unlike the high-intensity sports bras, you can opt for thinner straps for these slower types of movement
  • If you’re selecting a yoga bra with less coverage, make sure its body-hugging enough to stay put when you’re putting your body into pretzel-like shapes

 Now that you know which sports bra you’re looking for, you can get back to doing whatever it is that you do best. 

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