What to Look For in Sports Leggings

So, you’ve set yourself a new fitness regime but are yet to find your dream pair of sports tights. You’re not alone. Buying a pair of women’s sports leggings may sound easy, but with so many options out there, making your first purchase can be overwhelming.

There are many things to consider when it comes to buying sports tights but with our guidance, you’ll be comfortably running, squatting, and downward-dogging in no time.

The first and most important thing to consider when it comes to buying a new pair of sport tights, is comfort. Leggings were created as a comfortable clothing option to be worn during workouts. Their whole purpose is to make you feel comfier and more flexible during your exercise. Your sports leggings should be tight but not restrictive.

When looking for good training tights, you should keep in mind the colour of the fabric. If in doubt, darker colours tend to be a better option when it comes to hiding your underwear from the person squatting behind you. Black sports tights are always a crowd pleaser and keep your underwear well hidden. Black tights also tend to hide sweat marks better than lighter colours like grey.

Cotton leggings will show sweat stains very quickly if you wear them during exercise. Activewear sports tights have been created using a different style of fabric such as polyester, nylon, or spandex. This fabric draws sweat away from the body without getting big sweat stains.
Another thing to consider is the flexibility of your tight fabric. Your sports tights should be thick enough to support you but not too thick that it holds you back from moving. Look for words such as four-way stretch or flex as these tights usually allow more freedom.

There are several women’s sports tight lengths and styles. A popular option is 7/8 sports tights. This style of leggings finishes between your calf and your ankle. They’re the perfect length with near full coverage. 7/8 leggings are a good option for those with shorter legs who are searching for full-length tights as the full-length option can often be too long for some.

Full-length tights finish at your ankles and cover the entire leg and shin. These training tights are a great option for the colder seasons and keep your ankles warm during your workout.

Capri tights are a shorter tight option. They can often be referred to as 3/4s. Women’s Capri tights are great for warmer seasons or for those who like a bit more breathability during their workouts. They are somewhere between a women’s sport short and a full-length sport tight.

Over the last few years, compression tights have become quite a popular option. This style of tights is designed to put pressure on your muscles and tissues to improve blood circulation. Some believe this helps to speed up the recovery process post-exercise but others disagree.

Finding the perfect pair of training tights can be a mission but as long as you find leggings that are comfortable, flexible, and the right length for your needs, you’re on the right track.

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