Sustainable Activewear- What is it and Why should you choose it?

Global warming and pollution are reaching levels that our planet has never seen before. It is therefore quite necessary that we all start adopting sustainable products, like sustainable activewear, in our day-to-day lives.

So, it is time that we started choosing sustainable clothing to show our support for our Mama Earth.

Getting to know Sustainable Clothing

Bored of your regular sports leggings? Then, it's time you switched to sustainable clothing. This range consists of clothing made of organic fabrics like hemp, recycled cotton, etc. Also, sustainable clothing brands usually follow eco-conscious models - this means that some of the manufacturers of sustainable clothing adopt methodologies that further contribute to the lessening of carbon footprint.

Sustainable Activewear - How are they made?

Activewear is generally made of synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and spandex so as to support you during your workout and keep you sweat-free. But these materials are made of polymers that are tough to decay and contribute to our land and ocean pollution. Your cute sports crop top isn't as good for the Earth as it is for you!


To avoid these problems, experts have come up with sustainable activewear. There are several sustainable materials used in the manufacturing of these clothing - recycled cotton, organic hemp, recycled nylon, polyester, and so much more. The manufacturing of these vary from one material to another, but one thing you can be sure of is this - you need not worry about adding more non-degradable dump to Earth’s surface.


Take, for example, the brand JRSY produces sustainable activewear by recycling plastic, especially used plastic bottles. The process goes like this - the bottles are crushed into minute pieces and shards and then cleaned. Next, they are melted and spun into yarn. After adding some other materials that will enhance the breathability of the material, your brand new article, say a pair of sports leggings, is ready!

Choosing Sustainable Fashion - Why is it Vital?

The first and foremost benefit of choosing sustainable activewear, or sustainable clothing in general, is that you contribute your part towards a better and greener Earth. If millions of people think in this same way, then come to think of how much of an impact sustainable clothing can bring about in the fight against global warming.


Why should you choose sustainable activewear over normal clothing? This is why:

  1. Sustainable clothing plays a part in the reduction of carbon footprint, water pollution, and air pollution.
  2. Sustainable clothing brands generally tend to opt for renewable energy sources and recycled materials for packaging.
  3. You can support fair labor practices.

Final Words

Chemicals and greenhouse gases are the main culprits when it comes to global warming, and it is no secret that these are obtained as byproducts in most manufacturing processes. The clothing manufacturing industry plays a huge role in contributing to this.


It is now the right time for you to throw away your battered sports crop top and get a brand new, sustainable one from JRSY! Choose sustainable activewear and help the planet heal better.


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