How To Combine Fashion With Fitness- All You Need To Know

Gym-wear is no more just a t-shirt paired with pants! People are trying to combine fashion with fitness to slay with their looks while burning those calories! Picking up a fashion trend not only makes you look good but also boosts your confidence to try new things.


Worried about picking among the sports crop tops and leggings to become an activewear fashionista? Here are some quick trending tips to help you get gym-ready every single day!


Combine Fashion With Fitness with These Tips!


1.   Choose Clothes that compliment your frame

Clothing contributes the most to fashion. More than the designs and colors, the size and fitting matter the most. Loose and flappy clothes are no good, while tight and body-hugging ones might make you feel uncomfortable.


Though the cut and stitch might fit your body, sometimes the design doesn't suit you. If you think shorts are not looking good on you, try some stylish gym workout leggings that will not compromise your fashion or comfort.


2.   Keep your make-up on Fleek

Fashion and make-up always go hand in hand when you’re trying to combine fashion with fitness. If you want to flaunt the best style, try to choose “no make-up” make-up and hairstyles for your gym.


A light foundation or a BB cream would do the job and save your face from looking messy with sweat. The heavier the make-up, the more are the chances of smearing off your good looks after a good gym session. Make sure you carry a towel (you can match it with your gym workout leggings!) or some face wipes to clean off the sweat and look fresh every moment!


3.   Never forget to check out the trends

The best brands for activewear like sports crop tops and bras are always coming up with new designs. You can find pockets, zippers for adjustment, mesh fabric or laces, and strings in some of the latest designs.

Before you purchase plain gym wear or finalize a printed one, make sure to check the new releases in their catalog. You can even find other accessories in the same designs to match them with your sports crop tops or pants.


You can consider picking up multi-colored sneakers to go with multiple outfits, same-colored bottles, and bags. You can even match your earphones if you have a particular theme for gym activewear!


4.   Carry less but carry all essentials


Being a regular workout lover, you should have all your accessories with you every time. But it doesn't mean you stuff everything in your tiny bag! Carry your essential items like earphones, mobile, towels, bottle, watch (a smart-watch will be more dashing!) in your bag for easy and quick access.


You can look for the gym workout leggings with pockets or have a matching sling bag to hold them all.


Final Words

Working out can be stylish too, with the tips listed above! The trend of sustainable fashion is gaining momentum of late. So, if you’re looking to combine fashion with fitness, check out JRSY, for a range of stylish activewear that's made from recycled plastic! Sounds cool right?


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