How We Turn Plastic Water Bottles Into Sports Tights

Over the past few years, the customer demand for more sustainable and ethical activewear options has increased dramatically.

You may have noticed that some of the leading sporting retailers have released recycled collections, or newer sustainable labels like JRSY, popping into the market and focussing on sustainable and recycled materials only. It's such a positive movement and we love to see it. 

For us, we have made a promise to ourselves and our customers that we will only ever sell garments that have been made sustainably with recycled or organic materials. This means that our entire range including our women's sports tights, women's jumpers and tees and sports bras, have been made sustainably and with global recycled standards fabrics. 


How we create women's sports tights, gym shorts, running shorts and women's sports bras using recycled plastic bottles.

Our sports tights, gym shorts and sports bras have all been made with a fabric commonly known as RPET. What this stands for is recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) or also known as recycled plastic bottles. 

Here's how our RPET is created.

1. Bottles are collected, sorted, labels and caps are removed (Fun fact - the caps can be used for other recycled fabrics such as recycled Nylon).

2. Bottles are chopped into small pieces called chips. The chips are then washed clean.

3. Chips are melted down and turned into thin-fibres.

4. Fibres are twisted into yarn which is then knitted into fabric.

5. Your insanely soft, sustainable, sports tights are created.


Here's approximately how many bottles are in each of our JRSY garments.

Women's Sports Tight ( High Rise Pocket Tight) - 18 plastic bottles

Women's Sports Bras (Sustain Sports Bra) - 13 plastic bottles

Women's Sports Shorts (Long Bike Shorts) - 13 plastic bottles


All of our women's sweaters, jumpers and sports t-shirts have been made with organic cotton or an organic cotton and RPET mix.


For more on sustainability, head to our JRSY About us or FAQS.

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