Does Your Sports Bra Fit The Right Way- Check It Out Today

Are you purchasing a sports bra for the first time, or are you looking for one that fits you better? You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to buying a sports bra, however, the fit of the bra is the most important aspect you must focus on. 


Comfort with adequate support is what you should always look out for! Here are the four essential factors that you need to pay attention to when it comes to the fit of your sports bra.


1.   Understanding The Basics For A Fit


A perfectly fitting workout bra can help female athletes prevent soreness and sagging of their breasts. It can also help prevent musculoskeletal pain.


The racerback pattern in a sports bra helps prevent the straps from slipping down while performing an exercise. The supportive cups keep your chest in the required position to prevent discomfort and pain.


A sports bra ought to have a tighter fit as compared to the regular bra that you wear daily. However, it shouldn’t restrict your comfort or breathing. While understanding the fitting of your sports bra, make sure that the bra is made from moisture-wicking fabric with minimal elasticity.


2.   Initial Measurement To Determine The Fit

This step is the initial assessment to understand if your gym bra is fitting you the right way. You must be able to get two finger widths behind the back of the band of your sports bra.


If there is still some space remaining, then you should lower the band size. A comfortable fit that’s not too tight, or too loose will help you improve focus on your workout.



3.   Fit As Per Cup Size


You need to understand and measure whether you will fit into a gym bra that has a small, medium, or large cup size. When checking your fit ensure that your breasts are completely enveloped within the bra without any visibility from the top, bottom, or side.


Did you know that that bra with full coverage cups will not only enhance your workout sessions but will also help you prevent any exercise-related risks? JRSY is a brand that offers the perfect cup sizes which will provide comfortable support to your chest.


4.   Fit As Per Level Of Physical Activity


You must keep an eye out for the level of physical activity that you are engaged in while choosing the fit of your gym bra. You must consider a low-impact bra for minimal movement of your body and prefer a high-impact one for high-intensity physical activities.



Final Words


Choosing the right sports bra is as important as choosing the right activewear piece. Wearing the perfect bra will keep your mind and body completely focussed on your workout or any sort of physical exercise.


Keeping climate change in mind, JRSY sports bras are made from twelve recycled plastic bottles. Not only will the brand support you while you work out, but will also help you support sustainable fashion!











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